“I’m the One” by DJ Khaled feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper, & Lil’ Wayne

Next song I will review is going to be a summer hit in my opinion, maybe even the biggest song of the summer. Hip-hop producer DJ Khaled has made some songs in the past that have been good, but not great. From “All I Do is Win” to “Hold You Down”, he has also been good at recruiting various hip-hop and pop artists to work on his tracks. This next track “I’m the One” I was very excited for because of the four different artists. I was also nervous because I would wonder how they would flow together. I should not have not worried at all because this pairing is perfect. With the bouncing beat throughout the song and Bieber’s catchy hook, it is sure to be a radio-friendly tune. Bieber fits right in with the hip hop artists as he suddenly has become an awesome person to collaborate with. Migos frontman Quavo glides through his verse with fun, playful rhymes. Chance the Rapper incorporates a fun, playful side too, rapping, “When I met her in the club I asked her who she felt/”Then she went and put that booty on that Gucci belt”. It’s a fun verse for a fun song. Finally, Lil’ Wayne puts his classic rapping style on the track rapping about when his girl is on drugs. Honestly though, each verse on this track works and the chorus and beat are catchy. I will not be surprised if this hits the top of the charts. Please give it a listen!

“There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” by Shawn Mendes Review

For my next review, I’m going to touch on teen singing sensation, Shawn Mendes. Mendes has captured the attention of the pop culture world for his ability to develop break-up anthem power ballads. This song is one of his more uplifting ones. He keeps the guitar riff that he uses on a lot of his songs, but spins it in a way that is more uplifting and fun to dance to. He sings, “Oh, I’ve been shaking/I love it when you go crazy” to signify that this love interest of his has been circulating in his mind. The thing that’s so great about this song is that it just makes you so happy when you listen to it. Mendes has this slick Ed-Sheeran vibe about him on this one as it seems like he tears through singing the lyrics with ease. I would say that this is my favorite song by him because I am a big fan of uplifting music. Even when Mendes changes his style, you can still feel the impact of his song. I would say definitely take a listen because you will not regret it!

“Broken Halos” by Chris Stapleton Review

Hey guys! I’m back again with a review of a country song by critically acclaimed artist Chris Stapleton. Stapleton has had a lot of success recently, especially with his album Traveller which was certified 2x Platinum for selling two million copies. He is back again with a very poignant and heartfelt track. The song, titled “Broken Halos” talks about an angel who has lost his/her wings. It could also mean that the singer is talking about someone that used to be so nice, but then went to the dark side. He sings, “Sing my shadow, broken halos/Folded wings that used to fly”. He is most likely saying that this person used to be an uplifting presence in his life, but most likely lost his/her glory. Stapleton’s deep, melodic voice is perfect for the simple guitar beat of the song. There’s just something about this track that stands out. The good thing about Stapleton is that he is sticking to country roots, instead of succumbing to country-pop like some of the other popular country artists. I have a lot of respect for him. This track is great because it’s simple but Stapleton takes it to another level with his soaring vocals. Give it a listen and I’m sure you will feel some emotions.

“Sign of the Times” by Harry Styles

Well, another member of One Direction has released a single to start off his career. This first song is a poignant debut for Harry Styles, who is commanding a slower tone on this song. But, his voice soars to new heights. It brings back a nostalgic feel from acts such as David Bowie and Elton John. The song is about moving on from a previous experience. He sings, “Just stop your crying, it’s the sign of the times.” His voice gets higher after the chorus as he cruises to the end. You can definitely feel the emotion and passion in his voice. The thing about this song is that it’s so different from other 2017 pop songs. Straight out of 1970, he has cited Queen as his major influence. He delivers on this influence as he combines his uplifting vocals with a drum and guitar beat. You will be left feeling some type of way after hearing this passionate song. The angel-like choir towards the end of the song is definitely a highlight and complements Harry’s vocals nicely! Hopefully, this is a sign of better times for the former One Direction member. Gotta love uniqueness in pop music in this day and age!

“Wicked” by mansionz (feat. G-Eazy)

Next song that i will review is “Wicked” by mansionz. mansionz is a hip hop/r&b group that just released its first album Friday. Its members are pop superstar Mike Posner and upcoming singer/producer Blackbear. It’s a very interesting pairing as Posner is making his way towards hip hop music on this record as opposed to his other albums. The song “Wicked” is a retro-pop song with elements of singing by both Posner and Blackbear. The beat is extremely catchy and fit for pop radio. The beat is similar to songs done by Bruno Mars and The Weeknd. It seems that the new trend in music is to bring back funk, so these guys do a really good job of that. “I just wanna get you closer/”I don’t wanna play these games” symbolizes that this girl may be a little crazy but she is fun to hang out with. Then, rapper G-Eazy comes in with his signature fun realistic style and adds a lot of flare to this song. This was a smart move to get G-Eazy as he has been really popular as of late. Overall, the song is so much fun to listen to and is a great blend of funk and pop. Definitely, try to give it a listen cuz mansionz is bringing it!

“At My Best” by Machine Gun Kelly feat Hailee Steinfeld Review

This new song by Machine Gun Kelly is a very interesting collaboration. I didn’t know much about him until October when his song “Bad Things” hit the top ten. It was a song with a pop chorus and rap verses. I was curious who he was, so I listened to some of his older songs and they were way different. A few years ago, his songs were hardcore rap. It seems as if MGK is repositioning his image a little bit to get more famous. This next song contributes to this cause. “At My Best”, similar to “Bad Things” involves a pop singer chorus and rap verses. However, it is easy to tell that this song is from the heart. The verses depict how it is hard to love yourself and that if you’re not willing to be there for your partner, then you shouldn’t be able to see that person at his/her best. It is inspirational rap and there’s not a lot of that these days in the mainstream market. The collaboration with pop singer Hailee Steinfeld is interesting, but her vocals fit the track perfectly. It may be a top 40 song, but this song definitely hits you in the heart. He raps, “I wrote this song as a message for help”/”On behalf of anybody finding their self”. From this first verse, this song hits deep topics and tells you to rise up to the occasion when you feel down. MGK may be drastically changing his style, but it is for the better as he is delivering a strong message of self-empowerment to the radio. It is well done and I can’t stop listening to it!

“Doin’ Me” by Mikey Mike Review

Up next, we have “Doin’ Me” by Mikey Mike. This song is very interesting because I have not heard of this artist and his style is interesting. He incorporates elements of talking and also uses a bit of vulgarity for effect. The song itself is about not conforming with what other people want you to do. The theme is familiar, but Mikey Mike is very raw and emotional in his portrayal of being an outcast. He was so focused on not being himself and he’s worried about his appearance, but by the end he has the element of a “screw it” attitude and he starts to be himself. It’s mysterious because in the verses, he’s almost contemplating life and rapping about his misfortunes. It’s also intriguing that he’s mixing genres together, as he’s trying to create his own style. The message is also inspring even if he curses a lot. He curses to try and get you to feel for him and the angle that he takes is just emotional. It’s hard to give a description of what this song is, but the message is very clear. He is doing him and won’t let anyone tell them he looks weird or resembles an outcast. This may be the most intriguing the song of the week! Take a listen and see for yourself.

“Slide” by Calvin Harris (feat. Frank Ocean & Migos) Review

Being that there was a lot of new music released this week, I will do another song review for a song that is sure to become popular. The track, “Slide” by DJ Calvin Harris is sure to be a song that you will want to turn up in the summer. Different from a lot of Harris’ songs, this song has less of an EDM dance track vibe and has more of a chill EDM vibe. Also, the people he got to play parts in this song are interesting. Frank Ocean is a very talented R&B singer who released his album Blonde in November and is very popular. He croons over the first verse of the track with ease. It’s almost as if this awesome song could have been his as he makes it his own. What makes him stand out from other pop artists is that you can recognize his talent right from hearing his voice. He is so versatile and I commend Harris by collaborating with him. The other part of this song is hip hop trio Migos who have rose to prominence as of late. Their style, known for fun rhyming raps also fits this song perfectly and fits the vibe of a summer track. This song is a must listen because of it’s relaxing, summer aura. It’s also a great song because Harris chose to take a risk that worked very well. “Slide” is sure to be played on the radio a lot. Take a listen!

“Heavy” by Linkin Park & Kiiara Review

Next song on my review list is “Heavy” by Linkin Park & Kiiara. Linkin Park is known for making rock jams that you just want to turn up the radio to when they’re on. However, this new song by the successful rock group is extremely different in that it appeals directly to pop listeners. In their previous popular songs, the band incorporated elements of rock and rap to form a perfect combination. However in this new song, it seems as if the group is trying to fit in with the rest of the pop music today. The song is very repetitive, but it definitely hammers a point across. A lot of people reach a point where they blame a lot of problems on themselves and fixate on themselves. The lead singer sings, “I don’t like my mind right now/Stacking up problems that are so unnecessary.” By this it means that too much focus is being put on the singer’s own life. Although it’s not the classic Linkin Park track that we are all used to hearing, it still has elements of the band. It’s just that in this day and age, in order to compete with other musical acts, the songs need to be catchy and repetitive. This song is both, but has a deep enough message that the listener will relate to it. The song “Heavy” isn’t their best track but hey, at least the band is trying to experiment with its sound. Collaborating with pop sensation Kiiara is also a big move being that she had a big hit called “Gold” in the United States. Overall, solid song with inspirational lyrics, that showcases the pop element of Linkin Park.

“Ego” by Milky Chance Review

This time, a new genre will be tackled as I will be reviewing the band Milky Chance. Milky Chance, a folk group from Germany became really popular when their song “Stolen Dance” topped the Alternative Songs chart in the U.S. It is difficult to characterize this group’s style. They incorporate elements of folk, but also give off a reggae and jazz vibe as well. Their new song, “Ego”, embodies all of these genres and provides a fresh new song. People can dance to it for sure and it’s relaxing at the same time. The beat with a stomp is interesting with the reggae-sounding vocals. It works well though, as the Alternative genre can span a lot of different elements combined into one. “Ego” talks about a girl that the frontman seems to like with a big personality. But, he likes that she has a big personality because he can’t stop thinking about her. The song is catchy because of its repetition in the chorus. However, the repetitiveness does not feel overwhelming because of the laid-back aspect of the song. Overall, the song has a fun message and a groovy tune. I highly recommend you putting this on your list of songs to listen to. “Ego” by Milky Chance is unique, but it works well.